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Track Miami Roadmap

Track Miami’s vision is to take over the car community space here in South Florida. How will we accomplish this? Below you can check out our simplified road map to get a better understanding on how we plan to achieve this.


Stage One:

Gathering Founding Members:

            Founding members only have to buy our first edition shirt to enjoy all the benefits that we will have without paying any monthly membership for life

            Our main goal at Track Miami LLC is to provide unmatchable discounts and benefits for everything car related to our club members.

            We are partnering up with as many local car businesses as possible to exponentially expand our discount network for members every week. 

            To become a member, people have to either pay the monthly membership or purchase the live merch drop. 

            Regular members are going to pay a monthly membership to enjoy up to 2 discounts per month from all the active businesses that we will have on the Website.

            Founding members will have up to 4 discounts per month and will never have to pay a membership or buy more merch. They will have all the benefits of VIP access, parking, and giveaways for every event that we host. We will also host funding members only events with unique opportunities.

            Track Miami members will enjoy the best prices for not only the daily expenses of their cars like car washes, detailing, protection wraps, oil changes, tire care, engine care, but also the not so recurring expenses like imported wheels, air intakes, exhaust systems, tuning, suspension, bodyshops and so on.

            We will also offer discounts in car related experiences and activities like track days, exotic car rentals, exclusive access to car shows and of course, we will be hosting our own events where members will be able to connect with their favorite brands and businesses like never before!

            The Track team meticulously sourced the highest quality clothing manufacturers in order to provide our clients with the softest, lightest and best fitting T-shirts possible. Offering quality products is our number one priority.


Stage Two:

            Time to level up. In stage two we plan on heavily expanding our current system. We will be collaborating with the best of the best. From mechanics and performance shops to content creators and influencers. We will be the brand every car person goes to to get the best deals in anything car related.

            We are going to provide unique discount codes for every member. 

            Purchasing the current merch will give them access to our discount networks for 7 months (up to 2 discounts per month)
After the 7th month they will have to either pay the monthly membership or buy the new current merch for another 7 months of discounts.

            Founding members don't have to worry about any of that because the will enjoy their lifelong membership for free.

            We will grow our network to be the only car club in South Florida to offer unmatchable discounts and opportunities. Our members will enjoy exclusive deals in every car shop and business of their choice.  

            Our members will also be able to get the best deals for content creation for their car or businesses. The network is going to expand to a point where the whole car community is looking after each other and helping each other grow. 


Stage Three:

            During this time, we will be hosting car meets and events with live giveaways and competitions. We will be everywhere. Our merchandise will take over the streets of Miami. 

            We will have sponsors in all the events that we host. The brands that we will work with are going to be chosen by our club members through polls. That way we are gonna be able to get the maximum benefit from every event we host and ensure that our members get what they are asking for.  


Stage Four:

            Our dream becomes a reality. We open our first physical location. We will have our own car related luxury lounge where all our members can enjoy coffee and snacks in an amazing car inspired environment for all the car enthusiasts in Miami. In that lounge we will have VIP parking for our funding members, we will host exclusive events and do monthly giveaways to make sure our members
enjoy being part of the best car club in Miami. 

            By purchasing this first edition shirts, you will be a a key figure for a local small business with big ambitions. And we will make sure that you always get the most benefits for believing in our project since the beginning.

 Buy a shirt

Another way you can give us your support is by following our Instagram @trackmiami and staying up to date with the brand.

We'd like to thank you for taking the time to read our roadmap, we greatly appreciate you.

All the best,
The Track Miami LLC team.

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